Music has pretty much defined me. I love it. Can't get enough of it. Speak me a paragragh and I will tell you what song leaps out at me. Hand me a book and point me to any chapter and I will tell you of what song it reminds me. I don't search them out, the words just turn the tune on in my head, until it takes over and the two are forever connected. When I'm listening to music, it in turn, writes stories in my head. Sometimes a long story over weeks and hundreds of songs, others something short from a song or two on radio on the way to run errands. So when I decided (as if one decides something like that-ha!) to begin my second novel (the plot was already formed from a dream), I let lyrics and music sweep me along with them. I'm happy with what I got. Now let's hope I can find an agent who's happy with what I got ;)

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Anonymous said...

A new blog...so exciting! Love to see folks taking the plunge. :)

For me, songs are like express trains to memories or emotions. One of the most dependable ways to get there.