I Didn't See That Coming

I think maybe there's a little insanity involved with writing. Or something like it. It's me writing, of that I'm sure, but somehow it's somebody else telling me the story as I type it. Like that little voice inside everyone's head (you have one, too, right? If not, humor me. Please). I've had a good number of fellow writers admit to the same, so I'm pretty sure I'm not entirely off my rocker. Let me try to explain.

A character is going to die in Book 2 of my Roulette trilogy. I didn't know this until it happened as I was writing the outline. There [?] was, and then, boom, [?] was dead. It's no different than reading an intriguing book and coming to that part; you know, the part where you go...I didn't see that coming! Well, I didn't either. And, I probably took it a little harder than the average reader, seeing as how I was pretty enamored with this particular character.

It happened in Roulette, as well--not a death, but the experience. A seemingly minor character was introduced as someone Kasia didn't care for. A man who was always around, just creeped her out. I knew he was bigger than that--but not how big until I got farther and farther along. Turns out, this guy was the most pivotal character in the book. He purposely did the thing that annoyed her in the beginning, showed up in odd places for good reason, and he knew more about her than she could have imagined. But the one that made me say (and I'm pretty sure it was out loud) I didn't see that coming, was the one that would eventually turn her life upside down, if briefly.

I do have a confession in all this (though, no point, really). I love it when that happens. Love it.

So in the spirit of this babbling, here is a scene (albeit_very_unedited) from just last night, where the above happened-twice. I found out the antagonist was someone much closer to the protagonist than I'd previously realized. And, in outlining that scene, this one popped up as well. A character does die. But, he really_really_ deserves it. Trust me. I'd always known the guy was going to die, but until Kasia looked to her left in this scene, I had no idea whodunit. In fact, I thought it was someone quite different.

edited to remove snip for copyright puurposes

I have another topic I've been stewing on for a few days, but this is long enough. So, up next: Why I think Happy Endings are underrated. And why my books will always have them.*

*I, of course, reserve the right to change my mind any time in the future--or have one my characters change it for me ;-)


Aven said...

The same thing happened to me. I had a basic plot lined up. One day I was listening to a heavy song by "We Were Promised Jetpacks" (It's Thunder and It's Lightning) and BAM! I saw a whole scene that ended up with someone dead. I hadn't planned on that being in the story at all. But there it was. Very cool when that happens.

Tara said...

I love when that happens, Aven. Some of my favorite scenes have come from it.