New Year, New Resolution

Well, sort of. I don't really make resolutions; I set goals. I have a few for this year, including the one where I make an effort to do a better job on my blog. After all, why do I have one set up if I'm going to ignore it? Right?

I have a new favorite set of lyrics, Sound of Madness by Shinedown. They sum things up in a nutshell, really. What I get out of it: Nobody is going to help you until you help yourself--or stop feeling sorry for yourself. Or at least stop whining about it to everyone with in earshot--or is that eyeshot these days?

No matter how strongly one believes in a god/gods/higher entity, said entity will not be making a special one time only appearance to part the seas for you. Do it yourself. Not sayin' it's gonna be easy, but you aren't the only one with suckage in your life. Pretty much everyone has some form or another of crap to deal with. Some just opt not to share it with everyone they know. Over and over. Day after day...yeah you get it. And, frankly, when those people do share I am much more apt to pay them attention and sympathize, empathize, or just commiserate along with them.

So what else? Oh, now that I've finally shaped my query letter into something agent-worthy (no easy task I tell ya) I am going to start at the beginning. Chapter One. What will make this chapter so damn good that every agent who reads it will beg for more...

Off to see if I can answer above question.

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