I had a laugh this morning when I went to my FB account. There were at least ten posts from friends about the election in MA. They were pretty much divided in half. Either the people of MA were crazy idiots who just caused the downfall of civilization, or they were the epitome of brilliance finally bringing some sense back into the world. Seriously. These friends are all of the intelligent sort, so who to believe? Well, looks like either way, the world will surely be coming to an end soon so it matters not in any case.

I just don't see things that way. I look at the big picture, sort of see things from the outside. Back in my school days (you know, when we had to run and hide from the dinosaurs on the playground), that view pissed some girlfriends off. As in, when a guy dumped them because they were too clingy, I tended to point out that they were too clingy. If a guy was cheating on them, I pointed out that he wasn't the right guy and there was an awful lot of time to find The One. Teenage boys are the horniest of all creatures, how often are they faithful, really? That one made them even angrier than the former for some reason (why is that girls will call their man all sorts of wicked things, but once a friend agrees--watch out, cause that man just became a god?? Ah, a topic for another day ;/ ) It was high school after all, not *real* life. Sheesh, almost like the internet. People take themselves too seriously. Or maybe it's that they think too highly of themselves.

Back to politics (did that really just spew from my fingertips?! Ack, I've fallen off the deep end.) Okay, so not to politics, to people. And their knack for making sure it's All or Nothing. If someone doesn't agree with something another person says or does, then that person is apparently not just wrong, they are creating the demise of the human race as we know it. So take that.

On that note, I depart with a line I have quoted millions (okay maybe hundreds) of times in my life. The best line ever written (thank you Stephen Stills).

Nobody's right if everybody's wrong.

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