Contests and Prompts

I've come across some great contests lately.

Editing this in late: The McVeigh Agency now has a blog. And if you follow and get 10 others to sign up you will get a 15 minute skype or phone chat with Mark McVeigh! Just remember to please let me know if you follow my link :)

Laurel is having a Whoops! Blogfest. God knows Kasia is full of whoops! Girl can't keep her mouth shut when it counts.

Elana Johnson's contest ends Sunday. Win a query crit!

Also, Kristi at Critter Corner had a great writing prompt this week. I haven't gotten around to it, but still may. One never knows ;)

Happy weekend all.


Jemi Fraser said...

thanks for the links :)

Dawn Simon said...

Thanks for the links! And thanks so much for giving my name for the chat with Mark McVeigh. So sweet of you!!

I hope you have a great weekend!

P.S.-One of my characters is named Tara. Beautiful name. :)

Tara said...

You're welcome Dawn, hope you get your 10 and your call :)