Magic's In The Makeup

Just a snip today:

After tutoring, Jake stayed the night for protection when Kasia's cousin, Klara, showed up with a black eye and refused to give any information on who/what/why. Kasia has been tutoring Jake for about a week and he has seen her only in her disguise: baggy clothes, hideous makeup, colored contacts and badly dyed hair.

Upon waking, Kasia forgets Jake has stayed the night.

Snip removed for copyright purposes.


Piedmont Writer said...

I love that line "I'm wearing more than most girls wear to the beach." Funny. Great stuff Tara. Really great.

Tara said...

Thank you PW :)
Kasia is all kind of Black and White. There is no gray, just facts. And her way of revealing the facts definitely makes her humorous--through no intentions of her own, I assure you. It also embarrasses the heck out of poor, unsuspecting Jake on many an occasion. You should see what she does to the poor guy with her next comment ;)