What I Like About You

I know. Pretty much all my post titles are song titles. I can't help myself. I really don't do it on purpose, either. A subject peeks through and a song pops in line behind it. Just how my brain works. I can't help myself. Maybe I will really confuse everyone by hitting shuffle on the mp3 and post whatever title comes up, which will have nothingto do with what I'm actually writing.

Forward march.

I know my characters inside and out, what they like to eat, what music they listen to (see above, can't help myself) and whether they're a morning person or night owl (Jake's a morning guy--fwiw ;), Kasia, she's good to go any time of day. Okay, outta the gutter. Moving right along.

So, since I know my characters, and they know each other, I wondered what is it that lands them Happily Ever After. I'm not talking attraction. Six-three, rockin' surfer body, rock star, poet with honest brown eyes and and the sexiest smile ever seen? Seriously, does anyone wonder why Kasia is initially attracted? Yum. Then we have the flip side. She's got Legs (Yeah, I know. Can't. Help. Myself.)--she's 5'11, long honey-blonde hair, supermodel figure and giant innocent blue eyes. (Usually my MC's are not Oh my gawd gorgeous, but Kasia had to be up to par for Rock Star Standards ya know).

After that initial attraction, what is it that holds your characters together for The Long Run (I'll try to get this under control at some point; it's like a sickness)? What are those rare qualities that made hero/heroine The One?

So here it is, without further ado (or song titles shoved down your throats):

5 Little Things That Do It for Kasia:

1) His unending patience. He puts up with any amount of crap all around and takes it in stride. Plus, six months is a long time in guy years, especially whilst sharing a bed on occassion.
2) His confidence and smart-ass attitude. It makes her hot all over. Sometimes bothered, but usually just hot.
3) His ability to see right through her. Girl has issues. Big ones, and she likes to hide them. But he just knows.
4) His willingness to let her be exactly who she is, and encourage her in it.
5) His endearing charm, and even the boyish (often juvenile) behavior that goes with it. She loves to sit in the shadows and watch "her boys" (the band) play around like little boys. Especially "her boy".

5 Little Things That Do It for Jake:

1) Her acceptance. She loves him for who he is and asks nothing more than what he has to give.
2) Her matter-of-factness; she pulls no punches and has a tendancy to be damn blunt whether it embarrasses him or others. She'll talk about any subject without reluctance.
3) Her confidence. In who she is, who she wants to be, and mostly, in him. She could care less if all the groupies flash their boobs and grab his parts. He comes home to her and she knows it.
4) Her love of sex. And, in a rare occurrence these days, he was first and he loves that, too. (He's a guy, did you think sex wouldn't be on the list? Really?)
5) Her perspective. She waits till all the tally marks are in before passing judgement. Instead of flying off the handle, she makes darn sure she has all the facts and then makes even more sure she realizes why things were said/done. And, to go along with this: 5a) Her willingness to forgive: rare in a woman, he tells her early on.

Hmm. I see that a lot of these things shadow each other. Bodes even better for Happily Ever After. Good thing since my plans are for this to become a trilogy.

So, what made your characters fall in like after they fell in love?


Piedmont Writer said...

Interesting question. Because I write Regency, I think they fall in like/lust first because they can't do the nasty and the love comes later. Although I shouldn't say that, in my new WIP Richard & Amanda both jump in the sack right away and pledge their undying affections to each other but then they're torn apart's all kind of angsty.

Tara said...

Morning, Anne. Nice sunny day, eh? I'm hoping it turns into a warmer one, too :)

I think you're right--I should have used lust instead of love, better term. J&K don't go for it for 6 months. Holding off is actaully Jake's doing, for a mountain of reasons, not the least of which being that, while Kasia is a ball of smart and knowledge, she is sorely lacking in social/romance skills. He doesn't want to rush it and have her do her usual freak and run scenario when something upsets her.

Hope you post excerpts of the new one here and there. I love angst. Just ask my poor characters ;)

Jemi Fraser said...

I like that question! I think both of mine like the steadiness of the other person most. It's important in their lives at the moment.

Tara said...

I think that's a big thing to build a relationship on, Jemi.