What Would You Read

Sarah Jayne posed a great question in the comments section of one of Piedmont Writer's posts. So I am going to copycat her and ask the question here. Not only because I think it's a good one, but it will give me (and any others who read the responses) some great reading recommendations.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 books would want to have?

It's a very difficult questions for me to answer, actually. I'd be thrilled with just a pen and paper so I could write my own books in sweet solitary and keep myself entertained in new ways. Since that's not the question, and luckily I can close my eyes and do it in my head, I'll keep it simple and go with Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.

I know, there are seven (and one on the way), but I can narrow it down--maybe. Let's see. Definitely Outlander (1) and A Breath of Snow and Ashes (6)--my favorites. But, for the third, it's a toss up between Drums of Autumn and The Fiery Cross. I really don't know.

After having read the series 4-5 times in the past two years, I still love it like the first time. It's not an easy read (or short--800+ pages in most of the books), so it would use up time. The books have it all: romance, mystery, hilarity, sex, time travel, war, history, murder and serious mayhem. Not to mention characters that are unbelievably real. After all the times I've read it, I still find a few things I missed each time I go back through. And, there's enough left to the imagination that I can sit and ponder what/who/where/why/how for hours on end after I close a book for the night.

So that's my answer and the reasons for it. Of course, it would probably be wiser for  me to take one of my medicinal and edible herb/flower books for obvious reasons, but...

What about you?


Shelley Sly said...

Wow, that's a tough question. I'd like a pen and paper, too, so I could write my own! But if I couldn't have that, I would probably choose three books from three different genres, since my tastes vary.

I'm only halfway through the Harry Potter series, but I'm enjoying those books a lot. So I'd say one Harry book for YA fantasy, then maybe a lit fic book like Secret Life of Bees or maybe The Poisonwood Bible, and then I'd top it off with my favorite book, an inspirational suspense called The Best of Evil by Eric Wilson.

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! That's a tough one. I'd take the Lord of the Rings (Tolkein envisioned it as 1 book!), Anne of Green Gables & And Then There were None by Agatha Christie. I think. If you ask tomorrow, the answers might be different!

Linda said...

I'd take the longest books I could find -- Gravity's Rainbow, LOTR, and some other epic. Thanks for dropping by my blog -- enjoying yours. Where in NC? I grew up in Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Peace, Linda

Tara said...

It is tough, isn't it ladies? Great choices so far.

Linda, I'm near Greensboro, a 5 year transplant from South Florida and loving it.

Aven said...

I have to agree Tara. I'd take the first three Oulander books. They're my favorite of the seven.

Donna Hole said...

Nope, couldn't answer. I'm a book collector; and what I absolutely have to have today may not be what I want to read tomorrow.

I'll have to get Hermione's pouch thing; the one that Dumbledore left her that stores EVERYTHING. Once I acquire a book, its my favorite. Until the next one I have to buy.

Library's; me? Nope. I buy, I store, I re-read.


Tara said...

Aven - I figured you'd be with me on this one ;)

I get it Donna. Put me in the middle of a bookstore and I'd probably make a new choice in each isle (at least).