No Blue Monday Here

Monday already? My how time flies.

My neighbor caught me one day last week as the kids and I walked home from school.

"So, have Spring fever yet?" she asked.

"Nah. I've been so blah. I have no desire to do anything. Not even garden." Coming from me, this is like a chocolate lover saying they no longer want to eat chocolate.

"Really? I have serious Spring fever. Weather's supposed to be great this weekend."

"Whatever, we'll see."

Well, Saturday morning came, and guess what? It was flippin' gorgeous. Gorgeous. I stood on the deck with my coffee and took some deep breaths. Ahh, spring. Flowers and fresh veggies. Spring Fever has just whacked me upside the head.

I go back inside and look around. Baby B is playing on the computer. Baby A...oh right, outside already.

"Son, get dressed. We're going to Lowe's. Oh, and get your father out of bed. He may be otherwise useless to my garden endeavors with his casted hand, but he can push the cart."

I bellowed out the door for Baby A. My little girl came running out from the neighbors yard, best little friend in tow. So pretty, with the same filthy clothes she'd played in the dirt with the day before, still unbrushed hair and some sort of food smudged on her cheek. She had no idea what it was - she'd eaten 3 waffles and a bowl of cereal for breakfast (the child is quite the eater--skinny-scrawny, but she can put away some food), but it didn't match any of those descriptions. During the interrogation I found out she hadn't bothered to brush her teeth yet either. Nice. Mom of the year, right here.

"I don't wanna go."


At this point, Little Friend runs off.

"You're probably going to Lowe's." Have I mentioned Baby A is a genius? I have no clue how she knew.

Little Friend comes running back. "My mom says she'll keep an eye on her."

I peer three houses up, there's Mom in the yard. I wave. Mom waves. She gives thumbs up, I wave again and off runs Baby A and Little Friend. (Nobody panic. Yes, I know these people very well. And, yes, we do this for each other often.)

As we pulled up the street Baby A comes out waving her arms. She was concerned that she might need food while we were gone. I assure her she can go through the open garage if she feels like she's wasting away. Satisfied, she runs back to happily digging up someone else's yard for change.

Lowes was packed! Spring Fever apparently conked a bunch of people on the noggin. I lifted 400 pounds of soil and mulch, as casted hubby stood by directing me where to place it on the cart (you know, because I'm a girl and obviously have no clue how to disperse weight properly), grabbed some blueberry and grape plants and home we went.

We did stop at McD's to grab lunch (even tho it was only 11). Back at home, Baby A had somehow survived the entire 45 minutes without eating, and munched down her food. FIL showed up to till the yard just after they ate, with a dozen Krispy Kreme's. Baby A had 2 right away. I told you, girl can eat.

I now have two weed free and newly mulched flower beds out front. My daffodils and narcissus are getting ready to bloom, tulips close behind. My back garden is tilled and ready for veggies. Yum. Casted hubby even managed to mow the lawn (I'm sure it was terribly difficult on his riding lawn mower).

Oh, remember my thrown-out back from last week? Yeah, I can barely stand today. Oops.

Off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow.

Any other gardeners out there?


Michael A. Emeritz said...

Great Post. I enjoyed reading about your daughter, "baby A", very funny. I envy your garden. Living in a big city doesn't leave very many options for gardening enthusiasts, but my girlfriend and I have talked about getting a little window box to grow some fresh veggies. As long as the squirrels and pigeons don't ruin them first, that could be a doable option.

Talli Roland said...

Yay for spring! Saturday rained here but yesterday was gorgeous.

I would love to be a gardener but sadly I forget/ procrastinate when it comes to plants and they die a slow and painful death. Terrible, I know. I wish I could forget to feed myself!

Happy Monday!

Piedmont Writer said...

I'm right there with you. Started weeding and pulling, raking and tilling; was in bed for most of Sunday. Not as yound as I used to be. Monster Baby was FILTHY so I know she had a good time.

Falen said...

I CANNOT wait to do some gardening here! unfortunately the ground is still frozen so we have a few weeks of more waiting. Still, we're doubling the size of our veggie garden and growing Potatoes this year! So excited!

OfficeGirl said...

I like the idea of gardening. But sadly, every plant and or flower I touch dies instantly. I can't even keep a small potted Ivy plant alive. And I hear they are nearly impossible to kill. Not for me. I am the anti-chirst of gardening.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Cute post, but I'm sorry your back is out again.

Tara said...

Michael - Carrots and leaf lettuces are easy and do great in planters.

Talli - LOL, I wish I could forget to feed myself, too ;)

Anne - well, the weather couldn't have been better for all that on Saturday!

Falen - I tried potatoes last year (in tires). Major fail. But, I am going for it again. One day, I will have potatoes, I tell ya.

OG - That used to be me when we lived in S. FL.. I seem to have grown a green thumb since living in NC :)

SarahJayne - That's okay, it's not completely out like it was, just really sore.

Kaylie said...

I'm getting a little antsy to get out of the house, too. I raked the back yard today. We have to do a little at a time or else at least one of the children will run away.

Jemi Fraser said...

I love a pretty garden, but I'm not a very good gardener. I HATE weeding. With a passion. But I like buying, selecting what goes where and make the front gardens look pretty. Hubby is good about the muscle work.

We can't plant until the middle of June, so I'm a little jealous right now!

Shelley Sly said...

Your kids sound really cute! But yikes, I hope your back finally gets better. Not fun. :(

Tara said...

Welcome Kaylie :)

Wow Jemi, June? I could never make it that long!

Thanks Shelley, I think they're pretty cute, but I may be biased ;) My back will just have to suck it up. I can't stop myself from gardening!

Palindrome said...

I am not a gardener but I am eager for nicer weather to begin. We had a teaser last week but the weekend was cold. But we're on the up...

Lola Sharp said...

I'm a gardener...I love it all, except the weeding. We have 16 zones of irrigation/sprinklers, so really it is pretty easy. The flowers and trees/shrubs do well, but our veggie garden gets sawed down by the darn bunnies. Never forgetting Watership Down (or Mrs. Frisby) I just let the darn critters have what they want, and accept the meager leftovers.

Sorry your back is out again. (love New Order)
Peace out,

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Oh, I can't wait until I can plant! I love my first trip to the Farmer's Market, coming home with all my lovely treasures. I love planting them and watching as my yard and home are transformed. :-)

Thanks for visiting me at Book Dreaming!

Tara said...

Nice weather is always, well...nice, isn't Hannah? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

Lola - Why am I not surprised ;) I have 2 hawks that live in my backyard. On another note, oddly, I have no bunny/rodent/snake problems.

Shannon - Welcome :) I hit the FM today, but wasn't much there yet. Came home with some Viola's. Will go again next week, and the next, and...

OfficeGirl said...

Hey Tara! I've got an award for you! Go check it out!

Summer said...

Love this post! Baby A sounds like my kind of kid (hungry).

I just moved to a new apt with a really sad, pathetic flower bed that I'm excited to rip up and plant anew. My mother-in-law is bringing me a giant cedar planter this weekend that I'm planning to use for a small kitchen garden. I haven't had much opportunity to garden as of yet, between college life and then living in a basement (no sun at ALL), but I'm excited to try it out!

Jai Joshi said...

Hi Tara!

Thanks for joining my blog.

You sound a lot like my mother in this post. She's a gardening fanatic but focuses more on vegetables than flowers. Me? I'm not really a manual labour kind of person. But she has me out there every so often hauling bags of fertiliser and helping her plant trees. Yes, you did hear right. Trees. Plums and peaces.