So, reading through my last blog post and the comments, I see all that I left out of my explanations. I won't go into major detail, but I do want to clarify some things.

What I wrote:
It seems to be that the general public wants to read something that's not only entertaining, but easy, quick. Maybe it goes along with the Fast Food Generation (you can Have It Your Way almost anywhere these days).

What I meant:
Since the books that get a bad rap become best sellers, there is a market for them. General readers do like them. Obviously not everbody, though.

I find it difficult to read any book straight through now that I "know the rules". All the little "broken rules" jump off the page at me. It's sad, really.

I also don't find anything wrong with someone saying (whether in a review or in general) that they didn't enjoy a book for whatever reason. We all have our opinions, some people read only certain genres, some read many. I'm somewhere in between. It's helpful if someone points out why they didn't like a book, it let's me decide if that's something that will bother me or something I don't mind in my reading. And, of course, there's always stuff I love and other stuff I don't care for, regardless of writing style. For me, it's all about character development and a strong plot - in that order.

What I don't care for is the sweeping: How did this person get published? They suck. Not only does that insult the writer, but it insults every reader that doesn't agree.

Anyway, I'm done now. Thanks for the comments, it seems you guys got my point no matter how whack it was ;)

Apparently I signed up for a blogfest that I have no recollection of, lol. I guess that will be tomorrow's post. Also Christine Danek is having a contest for reaching 100 followers -she deserves them.

Editing this in late: I meant to put this in with the other links. Kristi is hosting a great critique contest on her blog. Any two paragraphs - awesome!

I received another award from the awesome SarahJayneSmythe. I think this award was made with her in mind.

I am unsure if this one has rules? But, I'd like to pass it along to: Talli Roland, Susan Fields and my favorite Palindrome, Hannah. There were plenty of others I had in mind, but I know they've received it - more than once in many cases. Really, this is such a supportive community and everyone that comments here regularly deserves this from me- so if you don't have it, and you want it, please take one. But just one, let's not be greedy now. Seriously, thanks to everyone :)


She Writes said...

Yikes! I am guilty. I hate it when I pick up a book that is obviously crap and I have paid for it. Sorry! The words "how did this get published just slip out of my wallet?" and into my mouth!

Bane of Anubis said...

One thing about those people who usually get the 'they suck' reviews is that they're also getting the 'this rocks' reviews. I'll admit to (and will likely continue) bashing that Twilight author b/c I believe it could have been far better written. However, she had elements that resonated with a large group, and due in part to some of her naivete re: the publishing industry, her book probably ended up purer than it would have been if she'd followed all those damn rules - and this may ultimately have been part of her success.

Talli Roland said...

Yay for awards! Thanks so much!

Hope you have a great Thursday.

Tara said...

Amy - I really meant "from paid critics" with that comment - I think it's their job to review a book with details, but not generalize that way. I've definitely read things that I thought sucked, but I'm sure others enjoyed it.

Bane - I left her name out because, quite frankly, I haven't read the series (or seen the movies) and probably won't, so I've no place using her as an example. I have quite a few friends that LOVE and highly recommend it, though. But, I really like what you've said - "her book probably ended up purer than it would have been if she'd followed all those damn rules - and this may ultimately have been part of her success." Thanks for the great comment :)

Crimey said...

I don't review books on my blog that often but if I'm going to do it, I try to be objective. Like others, I sometimes feel that my work 'maybe' better than something I've seen published, but instead of being mad about it, it makes me think that much more that I can improve my craft and get published one day too.

sarahjayne smythe said...

Congrats on the award. You deserve it. :) And I hope you're feeling better.

Piedmont Writer said...

I haven't and don't plan on reading that particular book series from that particular author either, even though my BFF swears it's fantastic and I'll love it and it's the best thing that's ever been written. Yeah okay, me and bestie don't actually see eye to eye on great liturature but still, I won't read it because I'm just not interested in vamps.

Congrats on the award! Well deserved.

Tara said...

Anne - I could have written your comment/reason verbatim, lol!

Sarahjayne - thanks. The non-allergy yuck is better. Unfortunately the allergy thing, for me, lasts from Spring till winter. But, like every other year for the past 5 I've had them, I'll live, I suppose.

Hi Crimey - welcome :) I feel the same as far as using it as a tool for positive thinking about my own work.

Jemi Fraser said...

I'm usually glad for the diversity of books out there - it means everyone is able to find something they like and that means more people like to read! :)

Christi Goddard said...

I'm with you on the inability to enjoy a book nowadays without being distracted by all the 'rule' violations.

Tara said...

Exactly Jemi :)

Christi - It truly sucks *sigh*

Susan Fields said...

What a beautiful award to add to my blog - thank you! I hope your allergies are clearing up and you're feeling better.