Lettuce, Peas and Carrots...Oh My

Whew was it hot yesterday. Not the first hot day we've had, but the first I needed to spend in the garden whilst this warm.

I'd neglected the poor garden too much already; then came vacation. While we were away it rained, and somehow when it rains around here the weeds grow six inches overnight. Lots of weeding to be done.

I'm sure my neighbors all think I'm completely nuts. Not only do I recite lines from my WiP aloud (it's very helpful, especially if I'm stuck on a particular passage), but I talk to all the critters and the plants. I apologize if I accidentally pull up a tiny lettuce plant with a weed, I tell the spiders they are more than welcome to creep across my toes as long as they don't stop for a nibble and, I plead with the ladybugs to hang out and enjoy snacking on the aphids. I suppose it's a good thing the garden is set so far back in the yard!

Yesterday, I went a step further (and wondered for my own sanity). I connected my gardening to my writing.

First, I compared the slow growing plants to my editing process. Slow, maybe, but with the promise of a healthy bounty. Then, while yanking those pesky weeds from the midst of the lettuce, I started calling them adverbs.

Ha! You there, adverb (weed), tangling your roots with my verb (lettuce), you think I can't use my sharp fingernails to cut you down. I will. And then my letuce (verb) will grow stronger, healthier - take over the entire plot. Muwhahaha

I know. I warned you - I've lost it.

Am I the only crazy who can make a writing comparison with pretty much everything I do in my daily life?


Piedmont Writer said...

No. We're all a little weird like that. We're writers.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, I can definitely connect it to my guitar playing as well.

If you keep talking to yourself in the garden, at least the neighbors won't bother you!

DL Hammons said... everytime you have a salad do you find yourself constantly apologizing. "Sorry about this....but momma's got to eat!"


Lola Sharp said...

Awww, I find it endearing and sweet that you talk to the plants, bugs and earth. :)

Nah, I totes connect everything to writing. But we should...making connections IS writing, and reading.


Tara said...

Lola - I'm not always *nice* to them, just talk to them ;)

DL - LOL, no I susually apologize as I'm picking them and also tell them I'm bummed that I can't eat them.

Alex - As super-nice as my neighbors are, I agree. I'm a total loner and enjoy lots of alone/quiet time.

Anne - Thanks. Good to know :)

Summer said...

Hahaha, I love this. I talk to everything too. Especially the birds and the squirrel, and I compliment my herbs and vegetables all the time. And then I eat them! :-)

And yeah, writing is never far from my mind. :-)

Summer said...

PS: I should clarify that I eat the herbs and veggies, not the birds and squirrels. :-)

Tara said...

Summer - rofl!

I swear if that damn rabbit eats the rest of my green bean plants, I'll be making rabbit stew for dinner soon! Where the heck have my hawks gone - haven't heard them this year. Argh.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Watch out - your neighbors might film you and put it on YouTube! LOL

Roland D. Yeomans said...

It's a writer's mindset. I talk out my dialogue as I drive. And being a blood courier, I drive a lot. Also I see contours and valleys of nauture along the rural roads that take my breath away. And I say thanks to The Father for them.

There have been scientific studies that show that household plants thrive better when talked to or exposed to classical music. Maybe rock or rap is too sporadic.

And writing is of life. So why shouldn't we compare facets of living with the act of writing?

I hope your weekend is productive. Thanks for such a lovely blog, Roland

Crimey said...

We writers are special, you know! :)

Slamdunk said...

Not weird but creative...

Tara said...

Diane - Eek! That would not be good.

Roland - Driving is a great place for talking out dialog :)

Crimey - We are special, I agree. Must be an aries thing ;)

SD - Thanks, I like your spin :D

callie forester said...

Yeah, I connect everything to writing as well. Last night my husband made me watch an action movie with him--not my favorite thing to do--but it was a really good one! Anyway, I ended up looking at the scenery the whole time (the movie was set in NYC, and so is part of my book) and watching the MC, since he was afraid a lot of the movie. I found some good actions to show that emotion with my MC. :)

Alexandra Crocodile said...

You're not crazy! Anne of Green Gables says good night to the tree outside her window every night because she thinks it likes it!

Kelly Lyman said...

I find myself connecting my writing with my everyday life as well- you are not alone!

Oh, and yes, it is Outlander that I was speaking about! I think the way that Jamie loves Claire is out of this world. I reread the love scenes. So. Good.

Jon Paul said...

Tara--Yeah, I collect a lot to writing. I think I was born a schemer, and that tendency is what does it. I'm always mulling, but it tends to get connected to all manner of stuff.

Nice post.

Shelley Sly said...

Haha! This is so me! I talk to anything and everything, whether it's a pet, a plant, a bug, a bowl of food... if it exists, I talk to it. (Scratch that -- I also talk to non-existent characters in my head.)

And I am always, always making writing comparisons. Half my blog posts are experiences I've stretched to relate to writing. ;)

Jemi Fraser said...

You're not alone! I do it with a ton of things as well - most often in my head or my students think I've lost it! :)

Alyson said...

No worries, you're in good company. Who says the bugs and plants can't hear you?

I talk things out while I'm driving. I'm alone and no one can interrupt me. It's perfect!

Also, I tagged you at my blog. Come check it out!

Susan Fields said...

My family members all know I'm crazy because I read my wip's out loud. Sometimes they'll come into the room and I'll just tell them, "I'm talking to myself, just ignore me," and they say, "Okay, Mom" without batting an eye. We writers are an eccentric bunch. :)

Jai Joshi said...

Tara, I'm not a gardening enthusiast but there is a charm to watching things grow and connecting with their beauty. Prince Charles talks to his plants all the time and people used to think he was crazy - until it was proved that plants respond to voices and music. So you're not crazy, just in touch with nature.