Guest Blogger: Angelina Rain

It's here. The day. The one where I host my first guest blogger. Whoop.

I'm going to turn it over to Angelina so she can tell you about her publishing journey.

How Following Authors Helped Me Become One.

Hello. I’m Angelina Rain, and I’m a newly published author. I’ve wanted to be an author ever since I penned my first short story in the eighth grade. I loved writing it and letting my imagination run wild. I loved the rush of creating characters and plots. In my early adult years, I decided to take things further and actually try to get published.

I had a goal and next was the research. I looked up every publisher I could think of, only to learn that all of them wanted agented work only. Okay, so I could find an agent . . . but wait, there was another problem. All the publishers I found wanted something about 80,000 words long. I could barely type 40,000 before I reach the ending. Was there no market for shorter books?

I searched again, and my searches lead to Harlequin. It’s a huge publisher, who started careers of many of my favorite authors, including Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. Harlequin only wanted novellas, just what I could write. But wait. Another problem stopped me dead in my tracks. I read a few Harlequin books that just weren’t me. I read their guidelines and it didn’t appear to fit my writing style. Should I sell out and write what they wanted to read? Maybe, but I would be miserable writing and why do it if I hate it, right? Hope fled me. It looked like unless I could write a long novel, I should kiss my dream goodbye.

I got lucky when, through Harlequin’s message board, I found a few newly e-published authors. They all only had one book out, and were hosting giveaways. I entered and won. They were novellas, just like my writing, with engaging plots and well developed characters. I started stalking those authors’ blogs, and through them, I learned a lot about e-publishing. I started visiting various e-publisher sites, checking out their books and submission guidelines. E-publishing seemed to be the way to go. I watched as those authors got contracts and released their books that same year. I watched and learned, and I knew I found a home for my books.

Angie’s Fun Facts: As a kid, I used to hate happy endings and all my writing used to be tragedies. Now, I prefer happy endings. I was a strange kid.

Indecent Encounters (Out February 9th)

A Ménage Anthology, including “The Problem with Love Spells” by Angelina Rain

Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover…

Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers.

Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters.

The Problem with Love Spells

When you’re cursed to live your whole life unloved, can you really be held responsible for casting a love spell? When Gretchen realizes that her love spell went wrong, her only option is to reverse it before too much damage is done. However, when she wakes with a werewolf and a vampire in her bed, she learns that even reversing a love spell could have its consequences.

~*~ GIVEAWAY ~*~

Angelina Rain is giving away one free copy of “Indecent Encounters” and it could be yours. All you have to do is comment or ask a question (she will answer it in the comments). One lucky winner will be announced on Feb 10th on Angelina’s blog. Leave your e-mail address so Angelina can e-mail you if you win.

Website: www.angelina-rain.com
Blog: www.angelinarain.blogspot.com

Angelina, I wish you massive amounts of success with your book.


Angelina Rain said...

Thank you, Tara, for being a host of my blog tour. It really means a lot to me.:-)

Linda G. said...

Sounds like wickedly good fun!

Angelina, I wish you every success with this and future books. :)

Angelina Rain said...

Linda G, thank you.

Zan Marie said...

OMG! You found your niche, didn't you? Go, Angelina, Go! Great story on the how I did it, BTW. It is a good thing to find out just where you stuff fits.

Claudia Del Balso said...

Tara, thank you for having Angelina as a guest. Angelina, thank you for sharing your story. Yep, you never know who will find you in blogland. A freelance journalist for the Gazette in Montreal interviewed me after he read my blog. The article appeared in the Saturday paper last July. I was thrilled! (You can read the article in my blog). Sometimes you need to be at the right time and right place, but sometimes you have to do the legwork ;)

Claudia Del Balso said...

Good luck with the tour and much continued success in your writing career!

Liz Fichera said...

Angelina, Best of luck to you! You're on your way!!

Angelina Rain said...

Zan Marie, thank you for your comments.

Claudia Del Balso, thanks for coming. Wow, your story is pretty cool. I’ll have to read that article. Thanks for sharing your own blogging tale.

Liz Fichera, thanks for coming and commenting.


Hannah Kincade said...

I love your success story, Angelina! Great post.

Angelina Rain said...

Hannah Kincade, thank you. :-)

Maria Zannini said...

Angelina, I've been finding your journey so inspiring. You go, girl! You did this blog tour just right.


Tara: I'm glad Angelina introduced us. Nice to meet you! I'll be sure to add you to my reader.

Melissa Bradley said...

Congratulations!! You have a very inspiring story that a lot aspiring authors could benefit from. Writing is all about finding your voice and then an outlet for that voice. I wish you sales to the stars with this, it sounds wicked. ;)

Mary Vaughn said...

Angelina -- sounds like a fun read for an evening or a Sunday. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Tara - Thanks for the intro to someone new and fun.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Angelina, good on you for finding a way!

Jai Joshi said...

Angelina, congratulations and well done for following your dream and not giving up! Your experience will encourage many.


D. F. Krieger said...

Wow, Angelina, its creepy how close some of your interview rang with my life right now! I'm so happy that you did manage to grasp the star of publishing and hold it close.

Nas Dean said...

Hi Tara, Hello Angelina,

Thanks for sharing your story, Angelina. Congratulations on your book release and all the best.

Looking forward to chatting with you on 16th February over at:

Adina West said...

Great interview Angelina - and nice to see you've found your niche in a romance/erotica sub-genre which probably didn't even exist ten years ago! Thank goodness for e-publishing. :-)

Hi to Tara, too, from a fellow Crusader.

Old Kitty said...

Gosh what a sizzling hot sexy book with witches and werewolves, oh my!!! Thank you Tara for hosting such a refreshing guest blog from the amazing and wonderfully named Angelina Rain!!!! Good luck Ms Rain with your novel and your writing career!! Take care

Julie Musil said...

It's so cool how published authors, agents and editors tweet and blog. We learn so much this way. Thanks for sharing Angelina's writer journey.

Angelina Rain said...

Maria Zannini, thank you. You and Liz Fichera are two of the author’s that helped me with my path to publishing. If I hadn’t started following both of your blogs, I would have never known about e-publishing.

Melissa Bradley, thank you.

Mary Vaughn, thank you. I love hearing people say my story is a ‘fun’ read. :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh, thank you.

Angelina Rain said...

Jai Joshi, thank you.

D. F. Krieger, thank you. I’m glad you can relate.

Nas Dean, thank you. I can’t wait. I’m so looking forward to chatting on your blog.

Adina West, thank you. I’ve bought an erotica at a book store a while ago and it was nothing like the stuff that’s e-published. E-publishers really push the boundaries in erotica.

Old Kitty, thank you. I was sick of reading paranormal erotica’s with vampires and werewolves only. It was time for some witches; they don’t get used as much in literature.

Julie Musil, thank you. It’s amazing how far social media has gone in the last ten years.

Tara said...

Thank you to all who've stopped by so far to support Angelina.

Angelina, thanks for the great words on your road to being published. I'm so glad you shared with us today :)

L.A. Colvin said...

Thanks for having this great interview.

It sounds like you did your research and then some. Glad you could find your way to the top. Great luck to you on all your future novellas and novels.

Angelina Rain said...

Tara, I’m so happy to be a part of your blog today. It really made my day to see all the support from everyone.

L.A. Colvin, thank you. Yes, I did a lot of research. It has really paid off too.

sim only contracts said...

Angelina, I've been finding your journey so inspiring. You go, girl! You did this blog tour just right.

Robert Guthrie said...

Great to learn about Angelina taking charge of her career. Very inspiring.

Deniz Bevan said...

Congratulations on all you've done Angelina! Between you and Kait Nolan and Susan Bischoff and all the other organised, dedicated self-publishers out there, you're sorely tempting me to try that route.

Angelina Rain said...

sim only contracts, and Robert Guthrie, thank you.

Deniz Bevan, thank you. I admit I don’t know much about self-publishing. I’m e-published, which is very different. E-publishing is similar to traditional publishing except it doesn’t pay as well but gives you more creative freedom. I would highly recommend e-publishing.

Lola Sharp said...

Congrats and I wish you many sales! :)

Susan Fields said...

Best of luck to Angelina, and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

WritingNut said...

What a wonderful story! Best of luck to you Angelina! :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Oops! Forgive me Angelina! I'd do well to remember the difference between e-publishing and self-publishing.
Good luck with your book!

Alexandra Crocodile said...

Wow, really interesting! Great post! Seems like your first guest blogging-thing went well:)