I have a serious case of blog blah. (Only on writing them, of course). Feeling out of bounds, out of bounds. (That'll make sense if you click on my later link, I swear.)

Maybe it's because I'm using the teeny bit of brain I have left to write this new story. It's been busy around here: school events, Girls' Weekend (yay!), and the oh-so-fun Spring Cleaning, among plenty of other stuff. Boy, do I have al lot of cleaning to do, and very little spring. Feeling out of time, out of time. (Yeah, that too.)

Of course, spring also means Getting the Garden Ready Time. Woot. We are all so excited to soon have veggies that don't taste plastic! Hubby tilled and I've gone through my seeds and restocked. Now I just need the energy (and the rain to stop, grr) to get out and start hilling and planting. I always get so much writing accomplished while digging up the earth. Of course, it doesn't always make it from my head to the computer, but I try.

Fall is my favorite season, but I love spring, too. My favorite childhood book (which I still have, and my kids know by heart now, too) is all about spring.

"Not to be ornery, not to be rude. Hamilton was only dreaming of food." I love an unlikely hero. Go Hamilton!

Speaking of food, ice cream is sooo good in the spring. Especially when you share it.

April showers, as we all know, bring May flowers. But they also bring out the frogs at the zoo.

This one did not turn into a prince, even though she gave it plenty of kisses!

Always remember to stop and smell Even if you are an uber cool 3 year old boy.

We visit the Goat Lady Dairy every year to see their new arrivals and buy lots of goat cheese. Yum.

Don't worry she was having the time of her life. My little animal lover.

There's not much better than making messes. And it doesn't get much messier than coloring Easter eggs!

I'm nostalgic for my three year olds now. They'll be 10 this year! How did that happen?! One of my old favorites from our Mom's of Multiples Easter egg hunt:

Notice Baby A has candy in both hands. Hehe. Obviously it had been a long day and they could have stood a hair brushing, lol. And possibly, okay definitely, a haircut for Baby B ;-)

Not to be outdone (*cheers, hoots and hollers*) there is another new spring "baby" this year. (*squeals giggles and sighs*) Incubus finished their brand new, long-frickin'-awaited album, If Not Now, When?, last week. And they released a sneak peek at the new single (just for me; I'm sure of it). Ahhhh.


Hoppy Spring. Yeah, I know. Couldn't resist.


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Know what you mean by plastic fruit and veggies! Wish we could have a garden.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bet there was more color on your kids than the eggs!

Linda G. said...

Great springtime pics! Thanks for sharing them here. You've brought forth happy memories of when my kiddos were little. :)

Jules said...

Those pictures made heart beat lighter, thanks! What's wrong with frogs? :)
Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Summer Frey said...

I planted my single tomato plant yesterday! Actually, I puttered around in the garden a lot, but mostly for flowers and rearranging. If we get the house we've got on offer in on, we'll have tons of space for a real garden. Don't think we can handle much, but definitely some peppers, squashes, maybe some pole beans, and hubby is dying to try to grow some watermelon. :)

I'm surprised it's raining there! They've called for rain on us four days in a row, but nothing. Humid, but bright blue sky.

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww yay for Baby A and Baby B!! They're adorable!! Spring is such a great time - great for your garden too!!

Take care

Áine Tierney said...

Gorgeous kids. would love a garden to grow veggies - some day!

Hannah said...

I love when kids aren't afraid of frogs! Great pictures.

LTM said...

omg--these pix are too cute. And it's normal to have the blogging blahs when you're working on a new story. Focus on that~ :o) <3

Carol Kilgore said...

So cute!! Times two.

Send some rain our way :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Those photos are fantastic!!! They are absolutely adorable!! :)

The Yard Bard said...

I'm definitely getting orange hands this year...

Zan Marie said...

Yeah! Spring! I love it too. Your photo of lovely eggy twins made me think about dyeing eggs when I was young. I even used that in the into to An Easter Walk.

Her Speak said...

Tee hee! These images are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. :)

Much Joy~*

Lola Sharp said...

Awww, so cute. I miss that age, too.

I have to get cracking' on my yard/gardens. It's still a bit cold for planting veggies and annuals, but I need to clean the beds out and do some pruning. I haven't had time, but I do need to get that done.

I'm super excited about their new album!

I hope the new WiP is going well. :)
Love you,


Super pictures of the children, they are so adorable.
Your post was really refreshing to look and read.

Yhanks for the visit and comment.

Lydia Kang said...

Ha, ha. Hoppy spring to you too! said...

Cute pics, my fav time of year is when it's bright, sunny but not too hot or cold or wet or windy. :O)

Chris Phillips said...

Great pics. Hope things slow down for you a bit so you can get your projects done.

Anita said...

I'm excited about our veggies, too...major garden work (and broken nails and sun burn) planned for the next couple days.

Your babies are adorable!

Deniz Bevan said...

Happy spring! Those are adorable photos [g]
So excited to hear you're working on that new story.

Jessica Love said...

YAY for new Incubus! I'm so excited about it!

Jennifer Shirk said... sweet!
My 9 year old asked me if we were going to dye eggs and have an Easter egg hunt like we always do. I joked and said, "Aren't you a little old for us to be hiding eggs for you?"
She could not believe I could utter such blasphemy. LOL!!

Angela said...

I'm so glad spring is here. Flowers, ice cream, I took my kids out for custard on Monday. It was wonderful.

Unknown said...

They're a adorable!

We can't plant for another month or so. It's guarantee at some point between then and now to snow (like tomorrow according to the forecast). :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a bit of life and your pictures!

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