Feeling Lucky?

Friday the 13th and it's my turn in the Sex Scene Championship hosted by Scorching Book Reviews.

I struggled over which scene to use. Whether I should go with something already published or from one of my WIPs. In the end, I decided to use a scene from the one that will be published next, LAST CALL, a story about the very late coming of age for both a married-too-young divorcee and a spoiled lifelong actor.

Here's a short prequel to actual scene in the contest:

“That’s the thing about men and women of a certain age.” I shoved his jacket to his elbows, flicking my tongue across his chin, nipping it, kissing. No longer giving a damn about the what-ifs. Or consequences. It was all about the right freaking now. “I’m in my prime and you’re on your downward spiral.”

“Oh, you’re wrong.” He dropped his arms to let the jacket fall to the floor and slid his warm hands inside my robe, gliding around until they clasped behind my back. He swung us around so he was against the door then pulled me into his hard frame. “Very, very wrong.”

I'd love for you all to hop over and check out the rest.

On Monday I'll have a guest host. Patsy Collins will be discussing her new romance release, Leave Nothing But Footprints, and how she wrote it while traveling in her campervan (so jealous!).

And Carol Kilgore has a new one coming out Monday, October 16th. Jalepeno Cupcake Wench. Love that title.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.


Patsy said...

Good luck with the contest!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, good luck! I would fail miserably - I barely have a kissing scene in my books.

Kelly Hashway/Ashelyn Drake said...

Good luck! I hope Friday the 13th is lucky for you.