Novellas/TL Watson

HANDS-ON THERAPY - erotic romance

After yet another failed attempt at meeting a worthwhile man, in-charge businesswoman Marie Reid drunk dials a so-called sex therapist. Not one to back down from a challenge, she keeps the meeting even after sobering up and vaguely recalling some reference to spanking. When the guy shows up with endless blue eyes, sexy bare feet, and a commanding demeanor that literally wets her appetite, Marie’s reluctance vanishes in a wave of lust. But submitting to just a few deliciously sinful nights of hands-on therapy has her already falling for her very hands-off counselor.

GOING BACK - erotic romance

Newly divorced Jessica Pierce would love to forget her recent past and start a new life, hopefully one that creates waves in her flat existence. Kissing a mysterious stranger before speaking to him adds a nice ripple. Falling into bed with the guy before knowing his name is closer to a tidal wave. Realizing she's in love with Teegan Walker shortly after she does learn it? Beyond ridiculous. But these new feelings dredge up old nightmares. Haunted dreams with vague memories of a boy with Teegan's soulful eyes, in a distant painful past Jessica wishes she hadn't buried so deep.

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